Monday, March 3, 2008

Gettin' Vloggy With It: The Militant Rides The Red Cars (And Yes, He Vlogs Now...)

The Militant prides himself on being a fairly literate person, but there comes a time in a Militant's life when sight, sound and possibly other senses becomes too overwhelming for mere words and a couple obligatory digital still photos to convey. And sometimes the Militant can get lazy. Like in the month of February. All five paltry entries worth. But hey, it's March now, so we won't talk about that anymore. Okay.

So the Militant is proud to unleash to you, the Militant blog-reading public, his first-ever vlog. He went out to Perris (no, not Paris) in The Far East (a.k.a. The Inland Empire) on Saturday to visit the Orange Empire Railway Museum and, like going through some kind of time warp, rode in a restored Pacific Electric Red Car and saw a bunch of restored vintage Los Angeles streetcars on display. He thought it might be a cool idea to videotape the experience and go vlogstyle.

Plus, you'll get to hear what may or may not be something special within the first few seconds.

Look forward to some more of these vlogs in the near future, produced along with some of his trusted operatives.

Just don't expect one every day.


fatpinkchicken said...

That's a really great video and an interesting bit of local history. I didn't know that museum existed--I shall have to check it out.

Also, is vlog pronounced vee-log or like, one word, "vlog?"

Militant Angeleno said...

fatpinkchicken: "vlog" is just like "blog" but with a "v."

Will Campbell said...

Speaking of the red car, I hope the Militant or his operatives is consider joining RIDE-Arc this Friday, which I'm told will be exploring L.A.'s lost trolley system.

Nick said...

Nice video--you got to see a few cars in motion that I've never managed to see outside of the barn when visiting Perris!

Those blimps are hella impressive.

Being a professional linguist, insist that the whole blog->vlog thing is an example of consonant mutation.

Anyway, thanks--you inspired me to make some videos on my next visit to the OERM's twin, the WRM.