Monday, March 31, 2008

Vlogstyle 02: The Militant Takes You To The Coliseum!

So maybe the Militant is trying to make up for lost time and "pad up" his post count, but he really wanted to go all vloggy on you with the Coliseum game, so here it is, the Militant's second installment of "Vlogstyle!" -- especially for those of you who weren't there and didn't get to go because you had to fly back to another west coast state that day (That operative knows exactly who the Militant is talking about). Not only that, but the Militant wants his video to be one of the top-viewed YouTube vids for those of you who search for "Dodgers Coliseum." And come on, the Militant and his operatives worked real hard on this one.

The first person to spot Councilman Tom LaBonge in the video wins a Dodger-related prize! Email the Militant with the YouTube time code to enter!

1 comment:

Will Campbell said...

Awesome video! I'm going to kick myself for the rest of my days as a Dodger fan and native for letting such a magical opportunity pass me by.

PS. Try as I might I could not isolate Tom LaBonge's appearance. If I had to guess I'd say it was either somewhere around Vin Scully's moments at the podium or maybe where Kareem was on the mound? I'm stumped.

Or maybe he bumped the sound system and caused the skipping.