Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taco Thursday: Kike's - Politically-Incorrect Al Pastor?

Welcome to the Militant's Taco Thursday (gee, the Militant sure loves these special series things, doesn't he...), where the Militant Angeleno will highlight a taco joint (be it building, cart, truck or stand) in Los Angeles.

Taco stands are a regular fixture in this City, but those of you who have driven to or from Downtown Los Angeles via the 2nd Street Tunnel at night may or may not have seen a particular stand, under the lights of the Downtown skyline, on an empty parking lot on 2nd Street and Beaudry Avenue that would catch your eye.


You might have thought, "WTF?!" or "No way" or "Did I just see what I just saw?" or even an "Oy Vey!"

A taco stand with the same name as a dated slur used against Jewish people might be very odd, especially in a city as culturally diverse as this one (which, despite its historical bouts of tension between various groups, is still miles ahead of the rest of the country, which is still fascinated with the played-out white vs. black racial dichotomy, yawn...). Even more suspect is the fact that it stands on a street named after a wealthy merchant and former mayor who was once known for his anti-semitic views.

But relax, the Militant asked what was up, and discovered it's all a cultural misinterpretation. Like customs, mannerisms and traits, names and words can be construed in different ways, much like a Rorschach Test.

The taco stand is owned and operated by a gentleman named Enrique. In many Spanish-speaking countries, where people use nicknames as a term of endearment, the popular nickname of "Enrique" is "Quique" or "Kike" (both pronounced "KEE-kay"). So you see, "Kike's Tacos" really means "Enrique's Tacos" (The Militant is sure there's another "Enrique's" or "Quiques" somewhere in town...).

And their tacos, they serve the popular carne asada, pastor and pollo varieties, but also serve chorizo, buche (fried pork stomach) and lengua (beef tongue) as well. A little on the greasy side, but sometimes you need that grease to be tasty. Best of all, they're all for the right price of $1 each! Can't beat that!

Kike's Tacos is there Sunday-Thursday from 8 p.m. to 12 midnight, and Friday and Saturday nights from 8 p.m. to around 2 a.m. Late night taco fix? Not much cash? Drop by Kike's sometime...just remember to pronounce it correctly.


Dedalus1947 said...

Odd about nicknames. We have a tio enrique too. As a young man we called him by his nickname "qui-qui" (kee-kee). Now we call him Henry, or Hank.

Anonymous said...

Just a general comment. Your blog is super dope. Your cause is a galant one except there should be more discussion of hatred for out of state A-holes. These shmucks who move out here and crowd up the freeways and constantly talk about how much they hate L.A. all the while trying desperately to strike it rich as an actor. These people need to be eradicated. Also good music choices although black eyed peas sucked even before they had fergie. i know them from project blowed days and they blew back then too. PEACE.

Booster Gold / Javier J. said...

This one's one of my favorite spots to hit up when I'm in the need for taco craving.

They have some mean chorizo tacos and you can't forget that they have freshly made beans for you to pour on your plate free-o-charge. Like a good taco stand would.

You really can't beat the price. One of the best taco stands in L.A.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have told him to consider changing the spelling.

Anonymous said...

Nice post & nice blog. I love both.

Gary said...

This isn't Mexico.