Wednesday, September 23, 2009

KCET Reveals 'Infinitely More' About The Militant

It's not every day that the Militant gets to toot his own horn (or even blog, yes, guilty, guilty...) but a few weeks ago Yoli Martinez from KCET's website dared to do what has never been done before:

Interview the Militant.

It's not like the Militant is off-limits for interviews; you can ask him anything you'd like - it's just that he may or may not give you the exact answer you're looking for.

But there it is, as part of their "Better Know A SoCal Blogger" series (which has previously interviewed folks like Loteria Chicana and Green LA Girl) on their new KCET local site (Blatant cross-promotion, no?).

Oh yeah, in case you're wondering, the interview was conducted via the anonymous guise of electronic mail, which means that any attempt to pester Ms. Martinez (or any other KCET staff member) on any information as to the Militant's phenotypical appearance or true identity will get you nowhere! So don't bother, fool!

Honestly, the Militant doesn't know where this newfound spike in notoriety might lead. Perhaps the Militant needs an agent, or an entourage of his own. Well he kinda sorta already does. Or not. Success may or may not spoil him - we shall see!

But the Militant is insanely humbled at the fact that the online home of The Huell has taken an interest in the Militant and allowed him this rare opportunity to share a little bit more about himself to the online world. Militant Thanks, Yoli, Gary and KCET!

And for those of you who clicked on over from the interview wondering, "WTF?" the Militant invites you to catch up on the Militant Archives, to read up on his previous posts. Most notably, posts dispelling various Los Angeles myths/stereotypes and writing the be-all, end-all statement on the stupid "Eastside/Westside" boundary debate. You can also follow the Militant on Twitter. Enjoy and, if you are doing so already... Stay Militant!


bgfa said...

Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

Enci said...


Anonymous said...

I may or may not be completely infatuated with the Militant Angeleno... Can this be love?

Militant Angeleno said...

Anonymous: It may or may not be!

Dedalus1947 said...

When "the Huell" comes calling, California gold can't be too far away. I'm not sure if that is good news or bad.