Sunday, October 23, 2011


Click on picture to crumulently embiggen.
Being a city that faces a western sea, let's face it, Los Angeles has some pretty kick-ass sunsets, something those (L)East Coast people don't have a chance to see.

As for the morning, The Militant is not really an early morning person, so the dawn is a rare event for him. But Mr. Sun can put on an entrance show round These Here Parts. The Militant was in Downtown Los Angeles this morning, driving through the thick fog, when he couldn't help but notice the Sun making its presence in the eastern sky, apparently burning a hole through the fog and casting unique shadows in the DTLA skyline. Like WHOA!!! The Militant had to pull over and check it out for himself!

He parked on Wilshire (hey, it's Sunday, free parking...) and walked around to Beaudry Avenue to take a look at the skyline from across the 110. It turns out he wasn't the only one taking pictures (pictured left).

A rare and awesome sight indeed! If this thick fog keeps up, The Militant may or may not wake up earlier to catch this wonderful a.m. phenomenon!

Here's some more pics, since it did happen:
The 53-story Figueroa at Wilshire building in fogshadows! (Click to enlarge)
The 52-story City National Bank building looks kinda glorious this Sunday morning. TESTIFY, BROTHAH! (Click to  ginormify)
CNB's twin. the Paul Hastings (gotta be in italics!) building bathes in the light. (Click and make big)
The 45-story KPMG (no, not a TV or radio station) tower casts a fogshadow. (Click!)
Up on Bunker Hill, the Grand Avenue Quartet (Wells Fargo Plaza, One California Plaza, Two California Plaza and the KPMG Tower) play a symphony of shadows and light in the fog. (Click to supersize)