Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vlogstyle Episode 09: The Militant Votes For 'Pedro!

It's been a while since The Militant brought you a Vlogstyle adventure! This time, he spent last Saturday exploring the unique sights of San Pedro! Enjoy the sights of the port community, set to a very San Pedro soundtrack from The Minutemen, Ambrosia, Skwish Kricket and Art Pepper.


LA MapNerd said...

Pedro and the loop around the PV peninsula have become one of my favorite places to take visiting friends who want to see something other than usual LA/Hollywood tourist spots.

There are so many cool attractions that even many Angelenos have never seen. The Red Cars! The bridges! The port! The Sea Launch platform! The Nike base! Battery Osgood-Farley! The Wayfarer's Chapel! The lighthouse(s)! The Fireboat Station! The Dancing Waters!

Really, it's a whole day's worth of touristy goodness, and ever so much more fun than Rodeo Drive. :-)

Militant Angeleno said...

LA MapNerd: Totally, dude! The Militant never understood the appeal of Rodeo Drive. Why even bother going shopping at a place where you can't afford any of the crap there to begin with?