Monday, June 23, 2008


Just 72 hours after the train arrival times went on the air on the Metro Rail subway TransitVue screens, they have suddenly vanished (pictured right)!

The Militant broke the news first, and a few other blogs caught wind of the story as well. But apparently it's caused a flurry of stinging criticism, and it looks like those little numbers got so hurt and offended, they all decided not to show up for the P.M. (or is that the 1500-1900?) commute. Even their alphabetic co-workers who daily assume the roles of such words as, "Union Station," "North Hollywood" and "Wilshire/Western" have all walked off the job in solidarity. LOOK WHAT YOU ALL HAVE DONE!!!

Okay, the Militant was not without his own nitpicks, sure. But some of you better apologize to those little numbers. They just want to feel appreciated, that's all.


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Anonymous said...

hahahaha... too funny!!

SoapBoxLA said...

Scooped! At about midnight I was at the Universal Station and noticed the headway signs had lost not only the times but the directions which had been there for weeks before the actual times appeared a couple of days ago.

Ah, well.

There was also a major problem with the Red Line this evening, lots of unintelligible announcements, loooong headway, operator running through the train cars from the back. I wondered if the absense of headway info was related to the off-schedule service but apparently not.

Through it all we can expect the same consistent lack of communication or explanation.

Anonymous said...

Wonder when they'll put up the info again? I'm moving to LA in a couple of months. My first thoughts about getting around without a car were along the lines of "oh, it can't be that hard" but if this kind of basic info is missing (I'm coming from somewhere with a well-developed transit system that goes practically everywhere) it feels more like "well, time for a car".

Militant Angeleno said...

yangj08: If you're coming from a place with "a well-developed transit system that goes practically everywhere," then why are you even moving here in the first place? Hmmm?
You (potential) transplants are only making life difficult for yourselves, so don't blame the town for your problems!

Enjoy paying for the $5/gallon gas! Make sure you drive a Hummer! they get the best gas mileage (lol...)

Anonymous said...

I don't have much of a choice. Or rather, I'm not moving to LA of my own free will. I guess I was being too harsh with that first comment (on my side of the Pacific it was 2AM when I wrote that and I was preoccupied about other things...). I don't think I'll actually be able to get a car (no license), so I guess I'll just have to see for myself what LA's system is like.