Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kobe Diem at the Coliseum a.k.a. LAKER-CON '09!

Before the Militant talks about his Wednesday celebrating All Things Lakers, he would like to tell all the celebrationphobes out there one thing:


Okay, now that he's gotten that out of the way, he'll run this real quickly, since by now you probably saw and read the Twitter tweets and Flickr albums containing various angles of the same thing.

The Militant, along with Militant Operative Valleypinoy joined some 94,998 others at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to celebrate the tema's 15th NBA championship victory. Though many wussies out there feared teh worst, it was a largely positive, joyous event with people of all ages and ethicities, especially children, and women (Because let's face it, Sunday night's Kunckleheadfest was a bit too testosterone-driven)
in the house (and the Militant was quite glad to see some of the ladies there, rawwrr!).

You all know what happened, and the Militant was certain people in Orlando could hear the faint sound of the word "RING!" echoing from the west. The Militant was most fascinated by the sight of the actual Staples Center Lakers court floor, set up by the eastern end zone of the Coliseum (where the Sun Deck is for you USC Trojans fans). Just think, this was probably the very first time that the floor has seen the light of day (and what a day, in terms of weather - warm enough to be a Summer day, but cool enough for some nice breezes to blow through. And to boot, this was by far the largest assembly of Laker fans evar in one place. LAKER-CON '09!

Could this be the start of a new tradition? Say, in the near future, the first-ever outdoor Lakers game, with the court floor set up in the middle of the Coliseum field? The NBA's 2010 All-Star Game will take place in a football stadium, and we all know the Lakers' professional sports franchise neighbor up the 110 brought in 115,300 people for a baseball game last year (the Militant was there, of course!). Add to that the fact that the Lakers made Exposition Park their first home, and you can assume the Purple and Gold will one day play a special game in the home of Los Angeles' Olympic Gold.

Maybe LAKER-CON '09 was a big selling pitch for the Coliseum, which may or may not go on sale soon to the highest bidder as the State of California is desperately seeking to some revenue. Sale or not, the event did further solidify the venue as the heart and home of Los Angeles sports.

And if the Lakers do a back-to-back again next year, let's hope the (M) Expo Line gets finished early!

MORE PICS!!!!!!!1
This dude had the best hat in the entire Coliseum.

We're not 'Worthy!' This dude rocks it old school with a 1988 World Champs banner and cap, both signed by James Worthy!

Derek Fisher tells Laker fans to STAY MILITANT!

Phil Jack"X"on, riding in the Coachmobile.

Though there were a few minor incidents, the mood was cheerful and positive, even as people left the Coliseum.

Tons of Los Angeles sports fans in Exposition Park, not there for a football game. Now where has the Militant seen that before?

The people's parade: After the celebration, the fans made their own!

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