Monday, August 13, 2007

MA Interactive: Sick And Tire of All This!

Either the rubber tire gods were not smiling on the Militant this week, or he was the target of yet another attack by his silent but very powerful enemies. Just five days after he struck a flat on his bicycle, the Militant Angeleno experienced a flat on his automobile. The culprit was a strategically-placed nail in the rear right tire discovered Sunday morning after inspecting the sagging (yet not fully flat) tire at a parking lot in Mid-City Los Angeles (the picture above is only a stock photo dramatization and not of the Militant's actual car; the Militant is fully aware his enemies would be quick to identify his car by the wheel style, brand or even tread pattern).

The Militant asked some of the locals for a convenient (and affordable) place where one can get a flat patched and was directed to a tire sales/repair place nearby on Washington Blvd. and Redondo Ave. But alas, the place was closed for the day. The Militant had to slowly drive down Redondo, then Venice, then up Western to near Pico where he finally found a "Llantas 7 Dias" store with bright yellow and red signage in English, Spanish and Korean. For $10 and some 20 minutes later the Militant was rolling on the streets of the city again.

The Militant's go-to choice for getting a flat car tire patched is Mexicali Tire on 5150 Santa Monica Blvd., at Ardmore. For just $8 and 15 minutes, you're rollin' again. Yet another reason the Militant eschews the suburbs or even the more snobbish parts of town - he is never far from quick, affordable tire repair.

Where are some of the best places in town to get a flat fixed? Post them as a comment. They could come in handy next time you find yourself limping in the vicinity. The only rule is that the repair cost must be less than $10 per tire.


Anonymous said...

Last time I had a need for it, the place on Figueroa in HP, across from the Superior Market, was just $5 for patching a flat.

The Hollywood Jedi said...

Hmmm.... I seemed to have received the same treatment as you my Militant Padawan. Odd.

-K said...

Do not get your tire patched at the Mobile Service Center on Santa Monica Blvd. & Olive (near Barney's) Unless your boy . . . in which case they will most likely be less of an asshole and more competent.

-K said...

sorry . . should have said in West Hollywood.

Logan Brown said...

If I can I usually try and patch a tire myself. Honestly anything on my ride I'll do my self if possible. I don't know about you guys but I'd rather work on my car then have anyone else work on it.