Friday, December 21, 2007

Scenes From The First Day Of Winter

The first day of Winter, 2007, Los Angeles. A day after the rain, which was swept away briskly by high winds the night before. This is the kind of day that postcard photographers live for.

The San Gabriel Mountains are in the background (with Mt. Lowe and the antenna-topped Mt. Wilson to the left and the snow-capped Mt. San Antonio (stage name: Mt. Baldy) to the right. Los Feliz and the Franklin Hills sits in the foreground. Taken from Barnsdall Art Park.

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dayzeelar said...

It was so incredibly beautiful that week in LA. I could see the mountains all the way from Inglewood. And not just the San Gabriel Mountains, I believe it was the San Bernadino ones too. I think winter in LA is probably the best time of the year (when its not raining).