Monday, December 31, 2007

What Angelenos Do For New Year's Eve

A major cellphone company claims that Angelenos spend New Year's Eve sitting on the couch. O RLY? Many lament the lack of a singular event in the city to usher in the New Year (including an attempt some eight years ago to do something along those lines). But the Militant won't be sitting on his couch (or even worse - blogging for that matter).

So what will the Militant be doing for New Year's Eve? Before your mind conjures up images of him standing on top of Mt. Hollywood in Griffith Park, firing rifles into the air at the stroke of midnight, the Militant will let you know that he plans to spend it with several of his operatives at one of their houses in an unspecified part of the Valley (where there will be much alcohol, food, music and alcohol).

But that's generally what we do (aside from the 50,000 who are headed to the QuasiRaveMassives in Downtown or the million-plus (again, mostly tourists) playing homeless for the night on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena), spend it with friends or family, people who are close to us (so much for the theory that Angelenos don't care about each other). Besides, pretty much all of those folks freezing their asses off in Times Square three hours earlier are tourists - real NY locals don't really bother with the ball drop (unless they happen to have access to a hotel, apartment or office right at the Square where they can enjoy the moment without dealing with barriers, crowds, porta-potties and the cold). They're just partying with loved ones as well.

That's pretty much it for 2007, readers. It's been a landmark year for the Militant in many ways. But don't expect a "Top 10 Militant Angeleno Post" retrospective; the Militant ain't about looking back (though he does appreciate the history), he's into looking at (and fighting for) the future. Besides, in that green box to your right are 162 of the Militant's Greatest Posts of 2007 - in chronological order. How bout that, huh?

Have a great '08 everyone. Seeya next year!

(And don't drink and drive tonight - Go Metro!)


Fabiolous said...

Good for you.
I'm glad you did work for the community. I didn't have a TV for my holiday, nevertheless, it was still fun.

Julia said...

Happy New Year MA!

Unknown said...


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