Thursday, December 6, 2007

Separated At Birth: Wilshire Vermont Station Apartments

The Militant just couldn't resist after taking his Vermont Bypass Bicycle Corridor ride on Wednesday night, but at the risk of treading on the turf of a certain local Jedi blogger, the Militant did notice the striking resemblance between the Wilshire Vermont Station Apartments
(pictured above, top) and a Jawa Sandcrawler (pictured above, bottom) from the Star Wars universe. Readers will recognize the Wilshire Vermont Station building as the site of Franklin Avenue Mike's favorite creepy digit mural (Damnit, that's two FA references in one day? Ugh, they owe the Militant big time).

Unfortunately, one cannot purchase droids at the Wilshire Vermont Station development, but women's shoes, and soon other things, can be bought there.


Mike said...

I still say gigantic fingernails gross me out. Seriously, the muralist couldn't have trimmed that thumb?!

Militant Angeleno said...

Mike: But would you rather look at the mural finger...or THIS?