Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Dampened Opening

DISCLAIMER: On Tuesday, April 1, 2008, the Militant's blog was freakin' h4x0r'd. No one claimed responsibility, save for someone named "Extremist New Yorker." WTF? Oh well, the following words are written by "The Extremist" and not by your favorite Militant.

The Extremist normally loves rainy weather, but he makes an exception if it spoils the Yankees home opener. No big deal since the Extremist wasn't able to score tickets to the big game on Monday, but hopefully we'll see some action on Tuesday, since he has an unidentified Tier Box seat in The Stadium. So maybe the Extremist will go to Opening Day after all! He can't wait to see what will transpire for the team under The New Joe (especially since the old joe headed out west to that traitor team that deserted New York City 50 years ago...how fitting). But regardless, the Extremist is sooo excited at the start of another season of Bronx Bombers dominance and come October, the Yankees will return to their rightful position as World Champs. GO YANKS!

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