Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fireworks On The 4th (Of April?)

Can't wait until July? We're gonna have a fireworks show on the 4th...of April that is. According to operative reports, turns out that at about 7:15 p.m. Friday night, there will be a fireworks display at Dodger Stadium.

[Reader 1: Oh great, Commando Boy's doing another Dodger-related post!]

[Reader 2: *facepalm* ]

[Reader 1: Why doesn't he just rename the blog, "Stupid Dodger Fan Boy Geek" or something?]

[Reader 2: Go Angels! ]

[Reader 1: Go Padres! ]

[Reader 2: LOL! ]

No, it's not to celebrate rookie 3rd baseman Blake DeWitt's first career grand slam (though at the rate he's going, it's gonna happen soon), as the Boys in Blue will be in Kitty Litter Park this weekend, but apparently there's some filming going on at The Stadium and the filmmakers are pullin' out the pyrotechnics.

So for those of you Center-dwellers who live within a couple miles radius of Chavez Ravine, enjoy the fireworks show and don't let your K-9 units freak out.

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