Monday, April 7, 2008

Seen On The Underground Scene

The Militant, aside from riding on that damn bike, is also known for hopping on the Metro Rail to get around. Here's some things he may or may not have noticed lately on the subway...

The Suspect Was Stripeless, I Repeat, Stripeless: Newly-redecorated subway cars, sans stripes, carry the "Metro Rail" and the big-ass "Metro" lettering on the sides.

Your Ad Here: Yes!!! Finally!!! After 15 years, we finally have non-Metro advertisements in the subway trains! This one (though not very visually interesting), hawks digital cable subscriptions from Time Warner.

"There are unused icons on your desktop...": With the little taskbar notice popping up on the lower-right hand corner of the screen, it's quite obvious that the new Metro Rail TransitVue information screens are somebody's Windows XP desktop. Let's just hope none of them go BSOD on us...Maybe those screens should show Time Warner Digital Cable instead.


Unknown said...

LOL at the unused icons pic.

Anonymous said...

Are you being sarcastic, or do really find comercial ads on the train a good thing, and why?

Militant Angeleno said...

The Militant actually likes seeing ads on the Metro. He has traveled all over the world and the ads make up an urban motif of sorts, reflecting its respective cities. Besides, they bring ad revenue for Metro.

That being said, he finds fault with Metor's current "monobranding" of stations; Seeing 450 ads of the same damn McDonald's Angus Beef Burger in one station is ridiculous. We get the point already. Have a McDonald's ad, a movie ad, an ad for freaking Kohls, etc. Show some variety into this urban motif. But an entire station or train taken over by one product is just goofy.