Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Go Retro: Pup 'N' Taco!

The Militant may or may not have dressed just like (and had the same hairstyle as) the kid in the commercial back then.

It's been a long-ass time since the Militant told you to "Go Retro." Well, here he is, bringin' the old series back. This time, the Militant takes you to an era, way before you loved Tito's too, when cars, collars and the bottom openings of your pants were much bigger...and you had a Pup 'N Taco.

There was once a Pup 'N' Taco in the Militant's neighborhood and the building still stands today, architecture mostly intact, as an unspecified ethnic eatery, but apparently there were quite a few of them in SoCal, as well as in the US Southwest. The Long Beach-based chain eventually got assimilated into the Taco Bell borg in 1984, but up until just a few years ago there were a few remaining vestiges of the PNT brand - namely one sign standing along Glendale Avenue in its eponymous city.


Anonymous said...

My uncle's first job in America was a cashier at Pup 'N' Taco. He quit the job after he was held up at gunpoint.

Militant Angeleno said...

USA! USA! USA! Uh...

philpalm said...

Tacos can come for under one dollar, but in the olden days you could get several for under a dollar.

I believe a lot of Pup and Tacos were remodeled so that they could have an indoors dinning room and public bathroom.

Nonetheless the drive thru window was one of the hallmarks of the old Taco bell. The amount of change used was also a ploy to cheat customers who were not so math inclined.

The waxlike paper to wrap tacos prevented greasy tacos from escaping...

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chimatli said...

I have such fond memories of Pup n' Taco! There used to be one kitty corner from Tommy's on Beverly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing back some good memories. I worked at the Pup N Taco in Tarzana, Reseda/Ventura. Worked there for a short while before they were bought out by Taco Bell.