Thursday, December 6, 2007

Macarther Parc Iz Melltyng In Thuh Darc

Hai evreebodee. I'tz thu Millitunt agen. He jusst wantid tu sho yu sumthing he ubzurvd wen he whent tu tha Gmapz Pudomiter sight. Thu Millitunt notisd dat, wyle luking at thu innersexshun ov Wilshur an Alrvacado thay misssspelllld tha naym of Macarther Park, witch is weard sincs tha naym of thu Mettro stayshun iz speld korektlee. Alsow da aktual Guggle Mapz webbsight haz da naym ov thuh parck speld korecttlee. FUNY HUH?


Tablesaw said...

It's a FAQ.

The Hollywood Jedi said...

my head hurts now

philpalm said...

If you look at the intersection of Normandie and Pico, the Google map doesn't reflect the change of the side street into a little park.